Each item is handcrafted and made to order. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Other Leather Products

“Rustication” Attachè

100% handcrafted  |  100% handsewn  |  Premium leathers  |  Heirloom Quality

With age comes character. The same is true with this attachè.

Marks and dings tell the story of where you have been and where you are headed. This piece is designed to celebrate your past and your future. Made with two types of thick, durable veg tanned leather. The dark leather is saturated with oils and waxes, and is designed to achieve a lovely patina over time. The natural, undyed leather from the infamous Hermann Oak tannery has several coats of olive oil rubbed into the grains, and will “tan” over time, achieving a beautiful aged look and feel that can be enjoyed by the next generation.
Every stitch is hand pierced and sewn by hand—all 200″ (approximately 1,400 stitches in all).
With its spacious interior, it is perfect for carrying a laptop or to pack for a weekend get away.
Ouside: 17″ (wide) x 12″ (tall) x 4″ (deep)
Inside: 3 1/2″

Price: $1270 USD (SOLD)

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