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Tzitzit-In-A-Snap™ Exotic Grain (4 piece)


It's a SNAP to wear tzitzit!

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Made in USA from top grain tooling leather, quality hardware and 100% cotton thread. Slide over your belt, snap and go!


– Easy, fast & convenient to transfer tzitzit between garments
– Adjust anywhere along your belt (no longer restricted to local of belt loops)
– Easily remove before using restroom (keeping clean things clean)
– Convenient and fast to remove for laundry day
– Four leather pieces as pictured included with your choice of tzitzit tied on each
– Made in the Midwest USA using only premium materials


Until now, tzitzit have generally been looped through the belt loop, a process which is somewhat time-consuming and inconvenient. With the invention of Tzitzit-In-A-Snap™, you can now quickly and easily dawn your tzitzit each day, remove quickly while using the facilities (keeping kadosh things clean), and place them anywhere along your belt instead of being locked into the placement of your belt loops! Developed by a leathercraftman in answer to a problem presented by a friend who needed to change in and out of work clothes quickly multiples times each day. Now, you too can benefit from this product.

We have seen a tremendous number of people who now keep the commandment of tzitzit as a direct result of our products. Testimonies of people who for some reason did not wear them now wear Tzitzit-In-A-Snap™! These are the fruits of many people who have supported us in various ways, large and small. We pray this trend continues!

Item #: snap-s-exg
Color: Exotic Grain
Comes tied with tzitzit of your choice (choose from our house wrap, Ashkenazi or Sephardic in blue or white wrap).

Each set comes with a free storage tote! (while supplies last)

NOTICE: As with any custom handcrafted product, each item varies slightly.


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