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Loopsters™ (4 pieces)


Now it’s a SNAP to wear tzitzit!

Made in USA from top grain tooling leather, quality hardware and 100% cotton thread. Slide over your belt, snap and go!

– Easy, fast & convenient to transfer tzitzit between garments
– Adjust anywhere along your belt (no longer restricted to local of belt loops)
– Easily remove before using restroom (keeping clean things clean)
– Convenient and fast to remove for laundry day
– Four leather pieces as pictured included with your choice of tzitzit tied on each
– Made in the USA using only the best materials and hardware
– Fulfills “4 corner” commandment

We have seen a tremendous number of people who now keep the commandment of tzitzit as a direct result of our products. Testimonies of people who for some reason did not wear them now wear Tzitzit-In-A-Snap™! These are the fruits of many people who have supported us in various ways, large and small. We pray that this trend continues!

Item #: loopsters
Colors: Natural leather, Black, Brown
Comes tied with tzitzit of your choice (choose from our house wrap, Ashkenazi or Sephardic in blue or white wrap).

NOTICE: As with any custom handcrafted product, each item varies slightly.


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